As big as Bob Seger is on the radio – arguably one of the top half dozen classic rock artists to still have a big footprint on rock radio – in his entire career, he actually only had seven top 40 hits that cracked the top 10. He spent a lifetime on the road. A classic rock mainstay.  But big top 40 hits?  Hardly.

Bob Seger’s only #1 hit? - "Shakedown" from 1987 and the Beverly Hills Cop II soundtrack.

His other top 10’s?

  • “Night Moves” #4 in 76
  • “Still The Same” #4 in 78
  • “Against The Wind” #5 in 1980
  • “Fire Lake” #6 in 1980

But there are other tunes that were big that have slipped away.  You want to the deeper catalog of Bob Seger?  It’s not always on the radio any more – outside of stations in Michigan, where he is still the hometown hero across there.  I know. I lived in Michigan for almost 20 years.  The amount of Bob Seger  - deep Seger – on the radio is astounding.  Album tracks from Live Bullet.  Album tracks from Against the Wind.  Lots of the cuts from the Stranger in Town and Night Moves albums. Go to Detroit. He’s the man.

But elsewhere?  Not as much.  The stuff that was once a radio hit but faded away. So what has been become overlooked from this rock and roll giant?

The story is pretty well known.  Bob Seger was a regional star for a long time, building his reputation as a great live performer while not getting much love nationally.

But he just kept driving the roads and playing the gigs, and ultimately broke big nationally with the Live Bullet double album recorded at Detroit’s Cobo Hall in 1975 and released in 1976. That’s the record that vaulted "Turn The Page" into a rock radio classic.

On Rock Pop and Roll, We take look back at five songs that were big but have gotten lost in the years passing and radio playlists tightening. 


Hear Spotify playlist: Bob Seger - Underappreciated Hits and (much more)!

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