There’s always been bands that had some part of their success because they – a little or a lot- sounded like other bands.  The Beatles and Badfinger.  The Beatles and a band called the Knickerbockers with a 1965 hit song called “Lies”.   “Oh Sheila” was a hit for the band Ready For the World that had a sound like Prince. An R&B singer named Fontella Bass sounded a whole lot like Aretha Franklin with a 1965 hit called “Rescue Me” - Greta Van Fleet sounds eerily like Led Zeppelin. So did the 80s band Kingdom Come. 

And I always kind of wonder what happened to a band.  How did they go from having hits to having sorta hits, not really being a band anymore.  Did they burn out. Fade away?  Get taken advantage of?  Dropped by the record company.  Implode?

In this podcast, we revisit three bands that had hits – big hits – in part because the albums they made sounded a little - or a lot like a more successful band. Not that it made them bad. But that’s the truth. Let’s dig into the careers of Quarterflash, The Outfield, and John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band.


Hear Spotify Playlist: Tracks From Bands That Sounded A Little - or a Lot - Like Other Bands

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