Kool & The Gang mastered the transition from funkmeisters to smooth pop R&B. A band since 1964, they are still tour ready. Top 40 radio dug them for the better part of ten years. I mean, really loved them. 

The band's first taste of pop  success came with the release of their fourth album Wild and Peaceful (1973), which contained the US top-ten singles "Jungle Boogie" (#4) and "Hollywood Swinging" (#6).

Disco didn’t really work for them.  Back in the 70's, they had  more in common with Sly and the Family Stone than Donna Summer. We dig in to the 80’s Output of Kool & The Gang, with a peek into the workmanlike, early funk before they had a middle career making hit music on the radio, and showed themselves to find success with the slow pop song too.

In 1979, J.T.Taylor had joined the group and they found a producer with a love for ear candy, hooks and choruses. Emergency (1984) remains their highest selling album and spawned four US top 20 singles. By this time, they ha smoothed the rough edges and became the only band to have four top 20 singles from a single album in 1985.  We dive into the hots and more.


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