The Rolling Stones spent much of the 1980s on the struggle bus.  After a couple of good early decade albums, they were fighting amongst themselves, Keith Richards didn’t want to be in the band. Mick Jagger made a solo record. So did Keith. The 1986 One Hit to the Body single was about all they did right. Harlem Shuffle was weak. The early decade live shows weren’t strong.  The Rolling Stones pretty much had fizzled out as a group.

Then they made Steel Wheels. The final album they would make that really mattered. We take a listen to why that record was their real last hurrah and the single that made it happen.

The massive Steel Wheels Tour started just two weeks after the single’s release. With the album and ensuing tour, it was the return to the sound that the classic rock fans wanted. The sound of the (kinda) gritty and greasy Stones. A throwback to the sound of the Stones of the 70’s, or as close as they had been to that sound in 10 years. The sound that made them loved.  This album tried hard to be that, and radio bought in. 


Hear our extra Spotify playlist for this episode:  The Greatness of The Rolling Stones - Steel Wheels and Other Cuts

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