In the years since Tom Petty’s passing, his music rings authentic and sounds just as it was meant to be - timeless. We uncover why he is, and they are, the band that has best represented American Rock music for 40 years – a deserved title for Petty and the Heartbreakers. And we choose the Essential 7  - the albums of Tom Petty.

It’s a band with a long history, going back to the original Mudcrutch days. Giving them the nod as the quintessential American rock and roll band is no small honor. Petty and his boys owned the whole package, and they shared it on album and on stage for 40 years. Writing, passion, craftsmanship, music loved across age groups.  loud American rock and roll guitars, sweet-ass rock and roll hooks.


"She's The One" Documentary

Hear our extra Spotify playlist for this episode: The Essential 7 Albums of Tom Petty / Songs + More

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