It is the curious case of The Romantics. Detroit rockers worth another listen. 60s garage rock.  Pop punk.  Ear worms for those who like hard candy. Detroit attitude.

The group's debut was a 1978 single "Little White Lies on Spider Records,  followed that year by the Bomp! single "Tell It to Carrie". 

Here's what you know for sure about the Romantics: "What I Like About You”. 

Would seem like a strong start, right?  But the song wasn’t a hit when they released it.  Sort of, but not really.  #49 on the Hot 100 – didn’t crack the top 40. So they slogged along until the one golden, overlooked-in-rock history album.

They are remembered for a relatively minor hit that everyone who has heard a radio, been to an athletic event, or watched TV knows.  Everyone can sing it. "Hey."


But the In Heat album was real.  Sounded great, had terrific energy and hit the pop rock button during just the right time. And radio made those songs sound even better.

Then they went poof.  Gone.  Faded.  But never completely burned away to ash.   hey played tiny, out of the way joints to stay alive. They came out on the other side.

These are the Romantics and what you should hear.


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