Who was the best and biggest and most consistent rock band of the 1980s?  That’s a question that was banging around my head.  I have a winner.  And you aren’t going to like it. Or maybe you will.  

I was thinking about who truly, really was the kings of rock and roll bands of the 1980s and I can’t say no to u2.  Springsteen and the E St. Band Right are up there, but The River was 1979. Then it was Nebraska.  So Bruce is really one band album in the decade.  Petty?  Always solid.  Prince?  I mean, he had 1999 and Purple Rain back to back.  Bon Jovi?   Def Leppard?  We can talk about it. I mean, there were a lot of contenders.  Journey?  Queen?  Late decade Guns and Roses. Van Halen?  The Police? That’s a lot of great rock and roll.

And why is there a distaste that persists for u2? People like to throw stones at Bono. he is earnest above all.  The band is so non-ironic, that it scares some people. They reinvent.  They tour stadiums and do it well.  Some still hate on them.  Well, screw them. I’m onboard and I will tell you why.


U2 Live 1983 US Festival

U2 Live in Dortmund 1984

U2 at Live Aid 1985


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